Apart from the tests under laboratory conditions CX Swiss Military Watch™ decided to invite the discerning consumers to come up with test ideas of their own. A jury picks the most challenging ideas, which will are realised in the presence of a film crew and shown on www.20000feet.com as well as on www.youtube.com. Three tests have been chosen so far and filmed before the opening of the 2009 BASELWORLD: the 20’000 FEET was subjected to the incredibly powerful water hose of a 40 ton fire engine of the Zürich airport fire brigade – the watch withstood the 6’000 litres of water. The 20’000 FEET was then run over by a truck – twice. The watch withstood. On Friday the 21st of March the 20’000 FEET was subjected to its most challenging ordeal so far: it was shot at with a shot gun from a distance of 8 meters. The watch withstood again. We therefore challenge the public to come up with more ideas of real life tests – at the end of 2009 the jury will chose their favourite test and the winner will receive a brand new 20’000 FEET.

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