News 20’000 FEET 08/10/2009

20’000 FEET by CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ - approved by professional divers

Montres Charmex SA, the manufacturer of the 20’000 FEET and owner of the brand CX Swiss Military Watch™, claims to have come up with the ultimate Instrument for Professional Divers with their 20’000 FEET. To proof this Montres Charmex SA asked a diving instructor of Greenpeace to test the 20’000 FEET; please find his original comments below, made during a Greenpeace exercise in the Mediterranean last summer:

“Case: you do not go unnoticed with this giant. I got nothing but compliments from my fellow divers. Nobody considered the watch unwearable. Everybody (!) considered the timepiece not just a mere watch but a true instrument, an instrument for divers. Needless therefore to discuss its size, the 20’000 FEET is not meant to be an accessory to some fancy outfit. I also wore the 20’000 FEET when not diving and I got used to its size rather quickly. Given the titanium the weight is still ok. You might experience some problems wearing the watch with a sweater or a suit though – but does this really matter? Crystal: matches the watch and most of all the concept of this timepiece. You do have to look at the dial from a 90 degree angle though – given the thickness and the domed shape of the crystal. Then again – with any instrument you will place it so you can get all necessary info at one glance. You cannot look into your binoculars sideways either, right! Dial, counters and hands: the structure of the carbonfibre dial (black dial only; Montres Charmex SA) does not affect readability. The counters recede somewhat so you can tell the time at one glance and yet the chronograph function can be easily read. The small second hand sports a luminous mark which allows you to check the functioning of your timepiece even in complete darkness. For divers who have to work under extreme conditions the fact that the bezel sports luminous indices is a big plus: you do not have to align the luminous triangle of the bezel with the minute ring on the dial but can tell the time passed by looking at the minute hand and the bezel. Bezel, crown and pushers: the bezel is perfectly designed, moves evenly and can be used even when wearing thick gloves; shifting it by accident is not an issue at all in my opinion. There is a continuous minute ring on the bezel with a luminous mark every five minutes. Both the crown and the pushers are screwed down and offer perfect grip. That you have to unscrew the lock-nuts to ensure water resistance of the pushers takes some getting used to but on the other hand the safety margin – you can use the chronograph function down to 300 meters – is very generous. Bracelet and buckle: very reliable indeed. The rubber strap is thick and very solid. Both the buckle of the rubber strap and the attachments on the case are screwed and inspire confidence. The metal loops of the rubber strap are somewhat tight – but they sure do keep the straps in place. Movement: the precision of the movement is phenomenal – less than 1 second per day fast!!!”.

Montres Charmex SA acknowledges the highly positive outcome of this test and would like to thank both Mr. Kent, the professional diver and all those helping him during the event.