News 20’000 FEET 08/10/2009


September 27th 2009 the CX Swiss Military Watch™ timepiece 20’000 FEET had to undergo yet another demanding real life test: it was dropped from an altitude of a staggering 5’000 feet during a parachute jump! The test was organized by a former member of the German Special Forces and took place at the quaint town of Hassfurt in Germany, some 700 kilometers north of Liestal, the headquarters of Montres Charmex SA (the manufacturer of the 20’000 FEET). A hand-picked team consisting of Frank M. Bürgin, the CEO of Montres Charmex SA, two former members of the German Special Forces and an active colonel of a German parachute regiment as witnesses as well as two cameramen were taken up to an altitude of over 13’000 feet in a Swiss Made Pilatus Porter airplane. After the exit the parachutists went on a freefall down to 5’000 feet and there pulled their parachutes; at this very moment the 20’000 FEET, marked with a 3 foot ribbon, was dropped and accelerated to over 600km/h before hitting the grass next to the runway. The impact energy of an object weighing some 300 grams and falling from 5’000 feet is roughly 4,4kj – the equivalent of dropping 100kg from a height of 15 feet! Upon landing the members of the team rushed to find the 20’000 FEET and verified that the timepiece was still in perfect working condition and – yes – still ticking. The incredible impact had neither damaged the watch case nor the movement, which is protected by a special anti- shock device developed by the R&D team of Montres Charmex SA. The 20’000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™ truly deserves to be called “indestructible” so!