News 20’000 FEET 08/01/2009

20’000 FEET by CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ supports National Park in Zimbabwe

Hwange National in western Zimbabwe covers 14.500km2 and is thus the biggest national park in this southern African country. It is home to 108 species of mammals and over 400 species of birds and famous for its elephant population – depending on the season up to 30’000 loxodonta Africana roam its expanse. The political turmoil in Zimbabwe, the hyperinflation and the destruction of the industrial base of the country have not only led to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe but are also affecting wildlife – no more funds are available for the national parks, the upkeep of their infrastructure and the struggle against the rampant poaching. Having visited Zimbabwe several times in the last ten years the CEO of Montres Charmex SA has developed a close relationship to this beautiful country and we have thus decided to support the “Friends of Hwange” in their efforts to maintain Hwange National Park: for each 20‘000 FEET by CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ sold we will donate CHF 100 to the “Friends of Hwange”. With 10 US $ enough diesel can be bought to provide 400 elephants with their daily ration of water out of the many boreholes. We sincerely hope to thus contribute towards the safeguarding of this park for future generations.