News 20’000 FEET 07/01/2009


July 1st 2009 the CX Swiss Military Watch™ timepiece 20’000 FEET had to undergo its so far most demanding real life test: it was exposed to over 100 grams of Gamsit®, a dynamite derivate with a detonation velocity of 5’000 meters per second. The test was organized by a specialist of the local police corps and took place in a quarry in the vicinity of the headquarters of Montres Charmex SA, the producer of the 20’000 FEET.

To illustrate the extreme and unparalleled sturdiness of the 20’000 FEET we decided to place an unnamed competitor’s timepiece next to it. After the lengthy preparations of both explosives and fuse the 20’000 FEET was placed on one side of the Gamsit® and the competitor’s product on the other, each at a distance of 10cm. Two unmanned cameras were placed a few feet away on either side of the explosives also.

A third, manned camera was placed some 200 meters away on a ridge, zooming in on the whole arrangement. The fuse was lit and after some 120 seconds the detonation could be heard. Rushing forward we found our 20’000 FEET tossed but half a meter away, some scratches on the side that had been facing the explosives but otherwise in full working condition – test passed! As for the competitor’s product – the only remnants were the buckle and part of the bracelet, everything else had been destroyed and flung away. The 20’000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™ truly deserves to be called “indestructible” so!