News 20’000 FEET 06/01/2009


When CX Swiss Military Watch™ launched the extreme diving watch 20’000 FEET at a press conference during this year’s BASELWORLD journalists and their readers were asked to come forward with their own ideas of real life tests for this seemingly indestructible timepiece. No idea too crazy, too destructive to be considered by our jury who will award the ultimate test suggestion with a 20’000 FEET timepiece at the end of 2009.

Several tests have been successfully performed since March 2009 and now the challenge continues – after being shot at, after being submerged by an airport fire engine and driven over by a truck a new real life test has been chosen by our jury from all the suggestions sent in by dive watch enthusiasts from all over the world: one 20’000 FEET will be exposed to the incredible force of 100 grams of explosives! This is enough to destroy a 2 ton automobile and unlike the pressure tank tests the 20’000 FEET successfully undertook there is no gradual build-up of the maximum pressure with explosives.

There is no doubt the 20’000 FEET will be flung away at great speed; will it survive both the explosion and the impact afterwards? We are convinced it will. The test will be organized by a member of the police corps of Basel, Switzerland and will be performed in the vicinity of the headquarters of Montres Charmex SA, the producer of the 20’000 FEET in June 2009. Video footage will be released soon.