After winning the world record for water resistance in automatic diving watches in 2005 with their 12'000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™ model Frank M. Bürgin and his team of watchmakers and engineers were contemplating their next move. Only one goal seemed acceptable – not only to beat their own record but also the new world record a competitor had set in 2008 with 3’900 meters of water resistance. The R&D team around Frank M. Bürgin thus decided to annihilate all existing records by constructing the world’s first mechanical timepiece with a water resistance of a staggering 20’000 feet or 6’000 meters – and, again, with a chronograph and according to ISO norm 6425 which asks for a 25% safety margin regarding water resistance! Countless obstacles had to be overcome, many a sleepless night was spent pondering on whether the goal was in fact realistic – until, in early 2009, the prototypes finally passed all tests!

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